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hygiene concept

Hygiene concept Ringhotel Paulsen

Entrances/exits, public areas, toilets

  • A hand disinfectant is available for our guests at both entrances/exits of our house, as well as at the reception and in the toilets.

  • Each guest is asked for their vaccination certificate or proof of recovery when entering the house. If the person is unknown to us, the identity card will also be compared

  • The elevator can currently only be used by individuals or people from the same household

  • The cleaning cycles for the toilets are significantly shortened, and the cleaning and disinfection of fittings and door handles are carried out and documented accordingly

  • The handrails in the stairwells and in the elevator (here also the buttons) are regularly cleaned and disinfected, this is also documented

  • Even more than usual, attention is paid to good ventilation and dry air is avoided


Hygiene regulations for the employees of our house


  • This concept was handed out and explained to every employee

  • During service, attention is paid to washing and disinfecting hands frequently and thoroughly

  • Wherever possible, different work areas in the kitchen and service are spatially separated as much as possible

  • Work materials are rinsed hot in the kitchen after each use, and the kitchen staff often wear disposable gloves that need to be changed

  • Touch screens, phones and keyboards are disinfected several times a day




  • Tables in our gastronomy do not have to be reserved in advance, but we are happy to accept a reservation

  • The hotel rooms are rented at maximum occupancy in accordance with legal requirements

  • Contactless payment is possible and is preferred by us, which after a number block is cleaned with a hygienic cloth after a PIN has been entered

  • Contact details can be stored voluntarily via the Corona warning app. 

Spatial Measures

  • Our guests are seated by us and we ensure the greatest possible distance to the next occupied table, which is at least a distance away in accordance with the statutory provisions


Food & Drinks (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

  • For self-service at the breakfast buffet, we ask that you disinfect your hands before you bring food and drinks to the table

  • If possible, there is no menu, our menu can be seen on the homepage, which every guest can call up with their own smartphone/tablet. For guests who do not have such a device with them, cards are available, which are thoroughly cleaned after use


Out-of-home service

  • Pre-ordered dishes for out-of-house consumption can be picked up contactless at the reception, contactless payment is possible




  • A plexiglass protective wall separates the receptionist from the guest - except visually - and thus reduces the risk of infection

  • Registration forms are prepared as far as possible. If the guest does not use his own pen to sign, the pen we handed out will be cleaned afterwards

  • The room keys are disinfected with a cleaning cloth when handed out and accepted


Hotel room

  • Before starting the cleaning work in occupied rooms, they are thoroughly ventilated

  • According to our cleaning concept, our cleaning towels/rags are only used for one room cleaning

  • Only one cleaner is responsible for each room, everyone has their own spatially fixed work area

  • Water and toothbrush glasses are washed daily and always in the glass washer at 70°C


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